September 20, 2016
Yank Barry once had a successful music career, as a singer, songwriter, producer and publisher. He also wrote advertising jingles for many of the most popular brands of all time. When he was finished making music, he became a successful entrepreneur and executive with Vitapro, where he developed and sold a great many very successful products.

Something in him changed as he traveled the world for Vitapro. That was when Yank Barry saw people suffering under the worst conditions imaginable. He appreciated his success and felt compelled to help. Because of this, Yank Barry is probably best known these days as a philanthropist. In 1995, he created the Global Village Champions Foundation to fight global hunger. In the intervening two decades, that initiative along with numerous friends and philanthropic partners like the Michael Jordan, Gary U.S. Bonds and others, have served up more than a billion meals to hungry people worldwide.

Yank Barry takes a different approach to philanthropy, in that he doesn’t just write checks and have someone else do the hard work. He does a lot of the work himself, even when he is focused on helping Syrian refugees escape the violence and volatility caused by groups like ISIS.